Algebra CRM Pack

Algebra CRM Pack includes CRM applications that will allow you to follow the sales process as a whole, from before to after.

Pre-Sales Processes

Follow the progress of your deals from candidate to customer.

Core Applications Pack

Take your business to the next level with the power of essential communication tools in the Odoo Community infrastructure.

Deal Management

Regularly manage candidate data from any channel.

Opportunity Management

Track, group and prioritize your business opportunities. Spend your strength right on opportunities. Make analyzes based on your lost causes.

Quotation Management

Create quotations quickly with PDF and E-mail support, do not miss opportunities.

Sales and After Sale Processes

Deal with your customers in more detail.

Sale Order Management

Manage your approved orders and report them in the breakdowns you want.

Customer complaints

Follow up on complaints from your customer. Create processes and save their solutions.

Customer Visits

Plan and record your customer visits.

Satisfaction Surveys

Share the surveys you will create for your customer online and see the results instantly in the system.